Jun 21

So actually the question you should be asking yourself now is where can I get a quality dashboard cam from? And the response is click on this link!

dash mounted camera

There can be some more positive and amazing video footage tape-recorded too. In fact in Russia, where dashboard cameras are extremely commonplace due to high rates of fake insurance claims, a vehicle dash camera tape-recorded a meteor hurtling in the direction of the Earth. The unbelievable thirty-three second clip revealing the fireball fly through the sky has had almost 3 million views on YouTube and made the news worldwide.

Dale Earnhardt

With a dashboard camera you can tape those drivers who decide a one way system doesn't apply to them. Or those eager beavers who are so eager to overtake that double solid white lines don't concern them in the slightest. And having footage of those drivers who somehow haven't come across a hands-free- kits as they recklessly steer with a phone stuck to their ear.

In fact the UK authorities have actually just recently introduced push requesting dash cam owners to supply them with any video footage they have of unlawful driving. This consists of inconsiderate vehicle drivers jumping red lights, parking on white zigzag lines and a variety of other offences that typically go unpunished due to the absence of witnesses and concrete proof.

So by now the advantages of owning a dash camera to supply you with an additional sensation of security must be apparent. In fact 40 % of individuals questioned in a recent study specified that they feel more secure in a vehicle with a dash cam fitted. By now you might be asking yourself which type of dash cam should I buy?

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