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Take care not to overwater your plants, as this may prevent the roots from drawing the correct quantity of nutriments out of the ground. Only water as needed when there isn't any rain in the forecast, or for plants which require additional watering. Based on what the weather will be like, you might not want to water your plants for the day.

When you gather your vegetables from your organic garden, use an old plastic laundry basket. Firstly, it has plenty of room to collect many fruits and vegetables at once. The basket will also also enable you to rinse off your crop quickly as it'll serve as a strainer to eliminate soil and debris from your fruits and vegetables.

An excellent trick when participating in organic gardening would be to at all times wash your containers. This is needed so you will protect your plants from getting any ailments. You need to wash the in warm, soapy water, then rinse using a diluted solution of bleach and water. This will ensure that your plants remain healthy.

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Eliminate mites from your garden. Mites impact fruits, vegetables and herbs by sucking the chlorophyll out of plants and injecting toxins. They're most prolific in hot, dry places. Because mites are very hard to see, you'll first detect damage to the plant in the form of yellowed, dry leaves and badly developed fruit. Eliminate them by spraying your plants with a forceful jet of water early in the morning, 3 days in a row, or spraying with insecticidal soap every 5 to seven days.

There is an easier solution to remove low-growing weeds than plucking them out one at a time. When weeds like chickweed become matted, simply slice under them with a sharp spade and flip them over to bury their leaves. As the weeds die and decompose, they'll also help nourish your land.

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