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Show her that you've got a life and that you are having fun. This tells her that you're powerful and she'll be able to recall the things that brought her to you in the very first place. But, having fun doesn't mean drinking a lot or partying because this would make them look pitiful. Be assured and she will definitely see. Leave it at least for two weeks. Don't make the mistake of performing distressed and too destitute. It will not really help your case. You must keep your cards close to your chest and leave her be for at least 2 weeks. If you need to, delete her number and block her on with any online contacts you had with her.

Show her an improved you. Think of the things she didn't like when you two were together. There's a chance that she did not like some of the things you did.

Make changes in your own life and show her that you were listening all along. This is going to make her feel valued and understand what an amazing person you're. Give her a glance of a light and fun side of you.

If you want her back, you must remind her of the type of guy she fell in love with. This requires you to look back and think of the things that turned her on and the ones that turned her away. Do the former and prevent the latter at any cost. Keep it light and humorous and she will fall in love with you all over again, exactly as you desired.

Bunches of guys wind up in this terrible situation; they are profoundly and completely in love with their lady and then in some unthinkable way they manage to reduce her. They spend lots of time with her, give her gifts and shower her with love and are totally gutted when they break up. Yet, moping following your girl is not the solution to the difficulty.

She isn't going to come back only because you're sitting around missing her. I realize that this might be your natural reaction as you've only lost the love of your life so that you feel immensely depressed, but this isn't gentlemanly behaviour at all.


Move On as this does not mean that you move on to other girls. Sure, this is a good idea for you to go out as well as have fun. You do not have to sit at home alone and brood over your girlfriend and relationship.

Enjoy your single time and party with your friends. Keep yourself active and joyful. You are a guy and it is time to act like one.

After all, that's the kind of guy your girlfriend was brought to in the first place. No one likes a whiny and clingy loser. Sample the dating market as well, but do not go too much forward. Seeing you with other girls will raise your attractiveness in your ex-husband's eyes. It will likewise make you look desirable and confidant. Every girl desires such a man. Start visiting the gym, make new friends, alter your style and become a fresh and improved version of you.

Understand why your lady made the decision to leave. This is the first step should you need to mend a connection. Know why she left, the signs of the separation and your part in it. You first have to let your ex girlfriend go when you want to take steps to win her back. This might be hard and hurtful, but is not permanent. Doing this is vital to your strategy of getting her back because stealing her from another guy isn't going to occur immediately.

You'll show maturity and pride when you don't go running after her. Additionally, whatever you say at this point is not going to work and you will simply come off as jealous and destitute, which can damage your chances of winning her back.

Do not be her buddy. Certainly you need to behave as a friend and not pressure her into making a choice, but it does not mean that you settle into the friend zone. The minute you do that, there's no getting out.

She is not going to risk a great friendship for a chance at a relationship that failed the very first time. Consider these do's and don'ts before you move in your plan to get your ex back.

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Get in touch with her. Should you nevertheless need to get her back, now is the time to get in touch with her. Whatever the approach you select, whether it is a text, e-mail or call, do not forget to keep it light and lively. Show her the easygoing variation of you that she saw when you began dating. Opting for something substantial like 'We need to discuss' may drive her further away.

Do the work. After you've convinced her that you've changed and she's agreed to get back together, it doesn't mean that you quit. She is able to leave just as before if you don't actually demonstrate what you said. If she understands that all you said was only because you were trying to get her back and not the truth, she's going to walk out again and this time you WOn't have the capacity to convince her into coming back. Therefore, you really have to step up and try to keep the relationship strong. At this point you have to work on things that you admitted when you were apart. You want to ensure that getting back together lasts for longer so show her the changes you have made. Communicate with her and be patient. She'll adore you more for it. You should follow these directions carefully and earlier as opposed to later, you are going to have your ex right next to you and completely in love again.

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Spruce up your Facebook profile. Your Facebook page is a message your friends, family and acquaintances read continuously. It's essential that the page shows a confident, outgoing, independent and happy man.

As a result, you need to post pictures of you doing things you never did with your ex-husband, partying, posing with girls and just having fun. She will be surprised to find the change in you. Reach out to her.

Go back to situation 1 and follow all of the measures from reaching out to her. She'll reflexively compare you to her boyfriend and realize she still has feeling for you or that you're a better guy for her.

Continue meeting her casually. Following the first meeting, you will know in case you actually do need her back. You must continue meeting her casually. The reason you're being reminded to check in with yourself whether you really do need her is because there are a lot of men who are so obsessed with the idea of 'getting her back' that they don't know why they want her. They need to be prepared to take their relationship to the next level and make sure that it's what they desire.

Meet her casually. It could be pretty overwhelming for you to see her for the very first time following the split, but you have to keep your cool in case you don't need to lose her. You want to keep it casual whether it's been two years or a couple of weeks. Meet up with her for coffee or lunch as if you would do with a friend. Going for something grand will come off as you trying overly hard to impress her or make you appear needy. Keeping it light, fun and flirty will reveal her that you aren't sexually curious. You want her to see the man she fell in love with and not the one she left behind.

Movies make it so a lot easier to imagine, your ex-girlfriend is standing at the altar and getting married to another man, but you dash in, confess your love for her and she comes running into your arms because that is where she goes. In real life, it's easier said than done. Splits can be messy and emotionally draining. You mouth off at each other and it looks impossible for the two of you to come back after that. Maybe you were angry then, but now that you've had time to think about it, you realize that she is what you wanted all along. Keep in mind that just like you, she also needs time for the emotional dust to settle so do not go rushing back. This is the time for some extremely hard thinking. You need to be practical so think of why you broke up? Is it something that may be repaired or there is no coming back from it? All these are some tough questions, but you need to find the solution in order to move forward. After you have gone over the facts and still want your ex-girlfriend back, you have to take actions. Here are some suggestions that may help you in reaching your aim in the perfect means.

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