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Every golfer loves to hit a great drive straight down the middle of the fairway, and the further it goes the better. However, the recognized wisdom is that it is improvements in the "short game", chipping and putting, that really helps to get scores down. That's one reason why putting practice aids make good gift options for golfers. Several of these can be made use of indoors, making them suitable for the winter season during which the weather can make it difficult to get out on the course as regularly as a lot of golfers would wish. You can get putting practice aids starting at no more than a few dollars. It's a gift idea that any golf enthusiast will most definitely be grateful for.

Unusual Golf Gifts

A personalized gift is definitely a great option for the golf fan in your family. The options available are incredibly numerous, you can get your golfer's name or initials emblazoned on a wide variety of different golf related products. Even little items like tees can have a tailored message applied on them, and visors, T-shirts, club covers and golf balls are other excellent options for you to pick from.

You can even find specially made golf ball stampers. These make it possible for your golfer to mark his or her name or initials onto any golf ball. These are simple to use - just like a nut cracker as a matter of fact - and they will last for many years. All that's needed is a little additional ink periodically.

Golf History - Part12 - A Royal and Ancient History of Golf

An individualized gift is usually a good idea - and if you're buying something for a golf enthusiast, then there's absolutely no shortage of alternatives provided for you to pick from. Present day print methods make it very simple to stamp a name or initials on even little items like golf tees. You may also have something printed or embroidered onto golf visors, polo shirts or golf towels if you prefer.

Another excellent gift choice, which any golfer will be delighted with, is a packet of golf balls. You can have initials, a name,, or even an emblem, printed on these, so there won't be any problem telling which ball belongs to which golfer. If you wish something that will last even longer, you can purchase specially made golf ball stamps which allow golfers to put their initials onto standard golf balls. These look a bit like nutcrackers and are very easy to use.

A lot of golf practice aids look totally strange, like something out of a medieval torture chamber in some cases, complete with straps, struts and various outriggers. Others are significantly more advanced. Rangefinders are a fine example of golf gadgets which have made excellent use of modern technology. A number of these have a large amount of features and analytical functionalities devised to help out golf enthusiasts out on the course. There are two main types, laser rangefinders and gps rangefinders. Laser rangefinders are very good whenever you have an uninterrupted line of sight of the target.

Satellite rangefinders are much better when playing dog-legs or blind holes. Satellite rangefinders also give a good impression of the overall layout of a hole - and also the whole course. That's something that might possibly be useful for golfers who like to play new and different courses.

Some golf enthusiasts take the game very seriously, but that doesn't suggest that golfers don't possess a sense of humor. There are plenty of golf themed gags - and you can buy plenty of comical gifts for golf lovers. Detonating golf balls are always popular - and various other trick balls are also readily available. Just like almost all golf related gift choices, prices start at under a dollar or two and go up to rather high values. You can get novelty tees, talking club head covers, comical golf logo tee shirts and all sorts of other things. There are also loads of golf gifts for use off the course, mouse mats for computers, mugs, plaques with whimsical slogans inscribed on them, that type of thing. The main thing to keep in mind is that golf enthusiasts are usually thinking about golf - even if they are not out on the course.

If you are hunting for a gift idea for a golfer then you are definitely spoiled for choice. Golf enthusiasts totally treasure almost anything which will help to trim a shot or two from their scorecard. There really is no end to the variety of golf aids available on the market, and they range from gadgets which cost no more than a few dollars to space age gizmos which will set you back several hundred dollars.

Lovers of golf do not really care about the price of course. If a simple, but useful, gadget will assist them to gain a few additional yards off the tee then the fact that it costs no more than $10 is beside the point. Similarly, having to spend more than $100 on a new sand wedge that will enable them to get out of the sand first time, time after time, is viewed as more of a smart investment than an extravagant expense.

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