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Numerous whisky buffs really take pleasure in brand name whisky related items. They certainly aren't to absolutely everyone's taste, but those who take pleasure in them really seem to like them. You can find practically any whisky gift choice with the name of a variety of brands of whisky on them.

Glasses, decanters and hip flasks are popular, as are water jugs, both ceramic and glass. Novelty items like key-rings, mouse mats and T-shirts are other popular options. Obviously, it very much is dependent on the personal tastes of the gift recipient, but these items can make great gift options for whisky fans.

Whiskey Decanter Gift

When you are scouting for a gift idea for a whisky enthusiast, don't forget that whisky fans have a sense of humour just like anybody else. There are many entertaining novelty whisky related gifts out there for you to pick from. You will discover humorous drinks dispensers, whisky flasks disguised as, or hidden in, other objects, glasses with joke messages - the list goes on. A whisky flask hidden inside a book has always been a personal favourite of mine - and I'm sure that you will be able to track down something suitable to put a smile on the face of the whisky lover in your life.

Customized whisky related gifts are the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion, happening or ceremony. You could give groomsmen a personalized whisky flask for example. A college student may like a decanter and glass set with the date on it - and something like that would make a delightful retirement present as well. You can even find whisky barrels (usually supplied empty I'm afraid to say ) with initials or a text message on butt end of the barrel. Assorted sizes are available and they are, to be candid, more of a decorative object than a functioning one, nevertheless it's a novel choice and one which could bring a little ambiance to any whisky lover's rumpus room or favourite drinking retreat.

Whilst lovers of whisky have the tendency to take whisky quite seriously - it does have a special gravitas after all - that certainly doesn't signify that they lack a sense of humour. There are an abundance of amusing whisky related gifts available for whisky lovers who enjoy a laugh (almost) as much as they enjoy whisky. Amusing drinks dispensers are a popular choice, as are whisky flasks which are shaped, or perhaps camouflaged, as something else. You can purchase whisky flasks which are concealed inside books. There are even long, thin, flexible ones which can be planted within a tie, and some of them may be disguised as binoculars, cameras and a variety of other objects. It's a nice, amusing gift - and some of them might come in useful at sporting events, concerts - maybe even church socials.

Crystal DeCanter - Tainted Love

A set of elegant whisky glasses is just one gift idea that's guaranteed to go down well with any whisky fan. A nice crystal glass, with some uncomplicated decoration, always feels pleasant in your hand when enjoying whisky. Personally, I like a glass that isn't excessively decorative. It's good to be able to view the colour and depth of the whisky easily and without any distraction. Having said that, everyone has their own personal preference and if your gift recipient would like something a little more flamboyant, then you should definitely manage to locate something which suits their taste. Aside from the standard cut crystal tumbler style, the Glencairn Scotch whisky glass is becoming very popular. It has a special tulip shape which is intended to funnel the whisky's bouquet toward the taster's nose, thereby rendering it easier to distinguish different aromas and enhancing the tasting process.

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