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A company needs to show that they have proper liability coverage. All required documentation will be listed in the packet that covers your area. Dot safety auditors will also request to view the company's accident register. All recordable DOT accidents must be listed. The accident register has to be in place, even if there are no recordable accidents.
Under the general review, vehicle markings could also be inspected to ensure proper markings on all commercial vehicles. DOT will also review all training records that involve transportation safety and any other training records that involve their regulations.

A RSA is a formal process by which the potential for accidents to occur and the safety of new highway schemes are checked. The systematic approach used to carry out the RSA, are based on established safety principles. The auditor's role is to assess the proposed scheme as an independent body, which has no knowledge of the proposal and so no preconceived ideas. This is essential as the aim of the auditor is to ensure that the road will operate as safely as possible, thereby minimizing the potential for future accidents to occur and if they do, to reduce their severity.
As Road Safety Auditors we are guided by two safety principles. These being:
Naturally, we also refer regularly to more detailed guidance on carrying out road safety audits. Such guidance is included in DMRB within HD 19/94 "Road Safety Audit Standard" and Advice Note HA 42/94, which were written with the Trunk Road network in mind. In addition, the Institution of Highways and Transportation (IHT) have prepared "Guidelines for the Safety Audit of Highways", dated 1996, which complements the advice in DMRB but does not supersede it.
There are Four Safety Audit Stages

Administrative controls are the rules and guidelines set up in an organizations safety policy and they should be checked first. Engineering controls are the actually safety devices and procedures that are conducted at the work station and they are the second thing to be checked.
Understanding the need and use of Personal Protective Equipment is part of every safety audit. They need for the protection is explained and a check of how the protection is working in the each specific work area should be examined. Many times Additional PPE is needed.
Fixing tools and equipment on a regular basis and recognizing safety problems before they happen is next.

In this category, DOT safety audits want to see detailed record-keeping of each commercial vehicle that includes maintenance, repairs and inspections.
Hazardous materials
DOT safety auditors will want to review all Hazmat related documentation that can include licenses, storage, labels, placards, training and endorsements.

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