Nov 3

Medication that has proven to be effective are: benzoyl peroxide in. This dries up facial oil as well as prevents pimples from forming in other areas. Sulfur is another naturally  ingredient that has a distinctive smell but has been proven to be effective in treating acne.


In most cases, acne goes away as the young adult passes their 20s. However small I'll breaks can be a lifelong problem. This is why an emphasis on eating well, getting plenty of exercise, plenty of sleep and keeping your face clean is a good holistic way to avoid severe acne breakouts.

The biology of acne is very simple and easy to understand. It begins with understanding the basic biology. There is the Sebaceous Gland deep below the skin level. These glands are different from the perspiration glands which the body uses to cool off with physical exercise. The Sebaceous gland secretes oils for healthy maintenance of the skin.

The Sebum layer lies just below the Dermis. The Sebum layer gives skin it's elasticity. The skin level especially in the face tend to loosen with age. And is the part of the skin that people you undergo a face lift.

In addition, drinking lots of water, eating non-processed food like potato chips and french fries and candy would go along way toward solving severe acne problems.

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